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Your Top Questions on Travel Insurance Answered

Your Top Questions on Travel Insurance Answered

If you’re looking for the answer to a question on family holiday insurance you may well find it below. While not comprehensive, we have endeavoured to cover the major common queries.
Can I get cover for any destination?
In principle yes, but some places may be considered to be so dangerous that some providers might decline to cover journeys to them. You can check that by consulting your provider or the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, as it is their travel advice that might be instrumental in helping a company to decide whether or not they will write policies for a given destination.

Will the policy cover all my medical expenses for the country concerned?
Family holiday insurance policies typically cover medical expenses relating to emergency and unavoidable treatment. What they might not cover are things such as elective procedures, including cosmetic surgery. Note that some policies may contain an absolute upper limit of a specified amount of money, which is the maximum they will pay out under any circumstances for medical treatment.

Can I get cover for an existing medical condition?
That depends. Typically, a policy will ask you to declare any significant existing medical conditions. Some policies may take some of them under cover without further discussion. You may find that some other providers might require the payment of an additional premium or, in some cases, they might exclude the condition from cover altogether. It will depend to some extent upon the nature of your condition. You should read your policy carefully and make sure you ask any appropriate questions of the provider before purchasing the family holiday insurance policy.
How does a policy relate to the European Health Insurance Card?
If you are travelling to a European Union country, the National Health Service will provide you with a free European Health Insurance Card – often referred to as the EHIC.
That basically entitles you to the same level of free emergency medical treatment as the local citizens of the country you are visiting. In some cases that may cover all of your medical requirements.
However, be careful about assuming that the EHIC provides the same cover as an insurance policy – because it won’t. Some elements of treatment defined as emergency in your home country might not be seen to be so abroad. So, part of your treatment may be considered emergency and therefore covered by the EHIC, whereas other parts of it might be seen to be chargeable. Remember also that your policy will provide a wide range of other benefits that will not be included under the EHIC system.
How would I obtain help if I needed it when abroad?
Your policy will typically contain information on what to do in an emergency if you need to make a claim and obtain associated assistance. Some may provide a local telephone number for you to call. Others may provide a number for the local country you are travelling to.
Will it cover travel delays?
Very possibly yes, subject to certain definitions and conditions. The only way to be sure about what your particular family holiday insurance actually covers is to read the policy carefully in advance.
Patrick Chong is the Managing Director of Insuremore. We provide low cost travel insurance and offer a range of policies including family holiday insurance, annual, multi-trip and single-trip insurance. For all your travel cover needs, Insuremore can help you in the quickest and most cost-efficient way.
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