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Star Comprehensive Insurance Policy


No top on room lease and cure cost.

Spreads clinical costs acquired on Bariatric surgical methodologies and its cerebral pains.

Air rescue vehicle help, Second clinical feeling are secured.

Cost of wellbeing test up for each piece of 3 assert loosened years.

Cover for maternity (ordinary and cesarean transport) and New conceived infant.

Programmed recuperation of whole Sum guaranteed through 100%.

Dental/ophthalmic cover on OPD premise.

Doctor’s facility money pick up.

Cover for more than 400 day mind systems.

Individual spot of destiny cover against Death and Permanent aggregate disablement (indistinguishable to the Health Insurance cowl) at no additional cost.

A hundred% Increase in Sum Insured upon a claim free reestablishment

Segment 1: 

Hospitalization cover secures the guaranteed for in influenced individual hospitalization costs for a base length of 24 hrs. These expenses incorporate room employ (Single Standard A/C room), nursing and boarding costs, Surgeon, Anesthetist, Medical Practitioner, Consultants, Specialist charges, Cost of Medicines and Drugs.

Rescue vehicle costs for crisis transportation to healing center as with regards as far as possible.

Air Ambulance Benefit: Permitted up to ten% of the Sum Insured picked, at some phase in one scope length, applicable for entirety protected of Rs.7.5 lakhs or more handiest.

Pre hospitalization expenses up to 30 days before confirmation in the medicinal establishment

Post hospitalization expenses up to 60 days after release from the wellbeing focus

Out-persistent conference (beside dental and ophthal) charges as much as points of confinement specified inside the table of advantages

Scope for Domiciliary hospitalization for a length surpassing three days.

Segment 2: 

Costs for Delivery – including Pre-natal and Post natal energizes as far as possible one of a kind. A prepared time of three years of consistent protection underneath this arrangement with Star will apply.

Programmed scope for the New Born (counting interior and outside inborn issues) up to the expiry of the front line approach (On reestablishment this new conceived little child must be covered extraordinarily)

Inoculation costs for the New Born upto Rs.A thousand/ – payable.

Segment three: Outpatient Dental, Ophthalmic treatment

Dental/Ophthalmic medicines as an out-persistent – when in a piece of like clockwork regardless of whether or not an announce is made or not.

Area 4: Hospital Cash

Doctor’s facility money advantage for each completed day of hospitalization.

Area 5: Health Check up

Cost of Health Check-up when after a piece of every 3 assert detached years

Area 6: Bariatric Surgery

Costs caused on hospitalization for bariatric surgical operation and its inconveniences thereof are payable issue to a the majority of Rs.2,50,000/ – eventually of the strategy span.

This most extreme confine of Rs.2,50,000/ – is comprising of pre-hospitalization and set up hospitalization charges.

Claim under this stage should be prepared handiest on cashless establishment.

Scope underneath this portion is test to a prepared span of three years and payable best even as the scope is in weight

Segment 7: Accidental Death and Permanent Total Disablement

Cover towards Accidental Death 

The individual chose by the Proposer on the season of cost of premium as alluded to inside the timetable in this is covered for Personal Accident

The aggregate guaranteed for this area is equivalent to the total protected decided on the Health protection.

Area eight: Option for Second Medical Opinion

The Insured Person is given the capacity of acquiring a Second Medical Opinion in advanced mode from a Doctor in the Company’s people group of Medical Practitioners

Therapeutic realities might be sent to the mail id e_medicalopinion@starhealth.In

Programmed Restoration of Sum Insured (Applicable for Section 1 Only)​

Endless supply of Basic aggregate protected and the Bonus, whole safeguarded can be mechanically reestablished by utilizing 100% when scope length. Such reestablished Sum Insured might be used best for disease/scatter irrelevant to the contamination/ailments for which assert/s progress toward becoming/had been made.

Such recovery might be accessible for portion 1 separated from Section 1G.


Following an announce free a year reward at half of the straightforward aggregate safeguarded (max.A hundred%) may be permitted. Where there is a claim the Bonus could be turned around inside a similar request in which it wind up noticeably given.


People between 18 years and 65 years old on the season of section can take this Insurance. Subordinate youngsters can be shielded from 3 months and as much as 25years of age. There is no higher age limitation for relentless reestablishments.

This arrangement is each on Individual premise and on Family Floater establishment. Family for the reason of this arrangement strategy self, accomplice and ward kids, never again surpassing



10% of each and each claim for individuals over 60 years at get to arrange and their consequent recharges.

Tax reductions:

Sum paid with the guide of any mode other than by method for money for this protection is qualified for help under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act.

Free look length: 

A free look time of 15 days from the date of receipt of the scope is accessible to the guaranteed to audit the terms and states of the scope. In the event that the guaranteed is not happy with the terms and circumstances, the protected may likewise are scanning for cancelation of the arrangement and in such an occasion the Company should allow discount of premium paid subsequent to altering the expense of pre-notoriety restorative screening, stamp obligation costs and proportionate possibility top class for the length concerned gave no claim has been made until such cancelation.

Free appearance cancelation is not appropriate on the season of restoration of the scope.


No 0.33 Party Administrator, coordinate in-house pronounce understanding.

Speedier and inconvenience free claim understanding.

Cashless hospitalization wherever conceivable.

System of additional than 8200+ doctor’s facilities all through India.

24×7 Toll Free Helpline.

Data on wellness through free wellbeing magazine.

Office for keeping up non-open wellness data in computerized design.

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