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Senior Citizens Red Carpet Health Insurance Policy


 For Senior citizens elderly among 60 to 75 years.
 No pre-insurance medical take a look at required.
 Covers pre-current illnesses from the second one yr onwards.
 Medical Consultations as an Out Patient in a Network Hospital.
 Higher Sum Insured insurance upto Rs.10 Lakhs.
 Guaranteed lifetime renewals.

Approach Benefits: 

Room, boarding and nursing charges comprehensive as in accordance with the limits.

Specialist, Anesthetist, Medical Practitioner, Consultants, Specialist Fees, Oxygen, Operation Theater, Diagnostics, imaging modalities and Medicines and Drugs, Oxygen, Blood, Operation theater, Diagnostic and Cost of pacemaker.

Rescue vehicle charges for crisis transportation to doctor’s facility as in venture with correct breaking points.

Air Ambulance costs upto 10% of the Basic Sum Insured amid the total strategy time frame.

Pre-Hospitalization costs up to 60 days past to confirmation in the restorative establishment.

Post-hospitalization costs caused up to ninety days after release from the wellbeing focus.

Domiciliary hospitalization: Cover for logical treatment for a term surpassing 3 days.

Organ Donor Expenses: Cover upto 10% of the Sum Insured or Rupees One lakh, whichever is substantially less.

Cost of Health Checkup: Expenses caused towards cost of wellbeing investigate as much as the points of confinement

New Born Baby cover: Cover begins from sixteenth day subsequent to starting and trouble to a limit of 10% of the Sum Insured or Rupees Fifty Thousand, whichever is less

New Benefits:

Crisis Domestic Medical Evacuation: Company repay the charges caused toward transportation of the safeguarded individual from the treating wellbeing focus to each other one upto the limits.

Humane Travel: The Company will repay the transportation costs through air acquired upto Rs5000/ – for one on the spot individual from the family (aside from the adventure accomplice) for go towards the locale wherein sanatorium is situated.

Repatriation of Mortal Remains: the Company might repay up to Rs.Five,000/ – toward the expense of repatriation of mortal remains of the safeguarded man or lady to the place of the protected.

Single amount for Treatment in Preferred Network Hospital: in case of a restorative possibility requiring hospitalization, if the safeguarded looks for suggestion from the Company, the Company may moreover propose the correct medicinal foundation from the system for treatment upto 1% of Basic Sum Insured worry to the vast majority of Rs.5000/ – per scope is payable as lumpsum.

Shared Accommodation: Upto the points of confinement.

AYUSH treatment: Upto the limits. 

Second Medical Opinion: The Insured Person can accomplish a Medical Second Opinion from a Doctor inside the Company’s system of Medical Practitioners

Helped Reproductive Treatment: The Company will repay logical charges brought about on Assisted Reproduction Treatment, wherein demonstrated, for sub-richness

Holding up length of three years from the date of first beginning of this scope.

Most extreme risk of the Company for such cure might be compelled to Rs.1 lakh for aggregate safeguarded of Rs.5 lakh and Rs.2 lakhs for total guaranteed of Rs.10 lakhs or more for each square of three years.

Extra Sum Insured for RTA(Road Traffic Accident): If the safeguarded singular meets with a Road Traffic Accident resulting in-tolerant hospitalization, at that point the Basic whole guaranteed will be enhanced by 25% trouble to a greatest of Rs.5,00,000/ – .This advantage is payable if the protected man or lady progressed toward becoming conveying a head protector and visiting in a bike both as a rider or as a pillion rider

Programmed Restoration of Sum Insured : Available 3 times at 100% at whatever point, amid the approach time frame. Every recuperation will work best after the depletion of the prior one.

Revive Benefit: Available up to the limits. 

Reward: Following a claim free a year reward of 25% of the lapsing essential whole guaranteed inside the 2d year and additional 10% for consequent years (max.One hundred%) would be permitted. Where there might be a claim the Bonus may be turned around inside the indistinguishable request wherein it ended up plainly given.

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