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Water Will Find a Way

Water Will Find a Way Water harm claims in Canada now make up 53% of all belongings insurance losses.* As a former Insurance Broker I can attest to this statistic and even recommend that if all damage to assets have been reported & covered, that the wide variety could be even higher. Why this developing … Read more

Main Causes of Home Water Damage

Main Causes of Home Water Damage Insurance companies document that about ninety three percent of water damage claims last 12 months could have been averted by simple home renovation or the use of a fashionable close-off machine or leak detection system. With maximum flood harm claims costing a mean of $five,000 in maintenance, it’s extremely … Read more

Features of Flood Insurance

Features of Flood Insurance Were you aware about the truth that your private home has a better danger of being affected by a flood than a hearth? As a depend of truth, floods are the number one reason of natural disasters in the U.S. Most humans do no longer recognize that trendy home insurance does … Read more

Reasons Why You Can’t Travel Without Insurance

Reasons Why You Can’t Travel Without Insurance You might imagine you’ve got packed just right and are prepared for your upcoming experience however unluckily you are now not. Rewind and have a study what have you ever missed out amidst all the hype and exhilaration for the trip. Unfortunately, plenty of avid and first time … Read more

3 Tips to Purchase Your Travel Insurance

Tips to Purchase Your Travel Insurance Buying travel coverage isn’t as easy as you suspect. Firstly, it’s miles manner greater one of a kind than buying an article you’ve got lengthy favored and watch for its rate to drop quickly. It’s even exceptional from buying an aircraft ticket where you go online and do a … Read more

Why Holiday Insurance Is Important

Why Holiday Insurance Is Important Every 12 months, thousands and thousands of people move on holiday round the world and they may be almost completely uninsured at the same time as doing so. Just why that happens is now and again a mystery however extra normally research indicate that it is one of the following: … Read more

Insuring Your Vacation Property

Insuring Your Vacation Property Even even though you don’t live there year-round, it is a clever concept to have right coverage on your holiday assets. For the maximum part, coverage insurance for a holiday domestic works similar to the insurance to your number one residence. There are, but, some key variations inside the form of … Read more

Food Insurance, Do You Have Any?

Food Insurance, Do You Have Any? FOOD INSURANCE? If you’re questioning what food Insurance is, why you have not heard of it, or wherein you could get it. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! We have all heard of insurance, and as we all grow to be responsible adults. We begin to realize, how genuinely essential it’s … Read more