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Is Barbie Banned in Past Years? Unraveling the Controversy

Introduction The Barbie doll, an iconic toy loved by many and critiqued by others, has been at the center of numerous controversies throughout its history. While Barbie has been a source of imaginative play and fashion inspiration for countless children worldwide, it has also faced bans and restrictions in several countries due to concerns about … Read more

Celebrities Who Had Their Nude Photos Leaked: Vanessa Hudgens and More Stars

Nude Photos Leaked

Celebs are speaking out! Over the years, stars like Bella Thorne, Madison Beer, Vanessa Hudgens, Noah Centineo, Calum Hood and more have found themselves involved in a nude photo scandal online. While some stars shared their own personal pictures via social media, others were leaked without their consent. These celebs have all spoken out about their past experiences and shared what … Read more

The 54 best celebrity bikini pictures of 2023

Spring is going swimmingly so far, wouldn’t you say? When they’re not walking red carpets in designer dresses, stars like Luann de Lesseps, Emily Ratajkowski and Mindy Kaling are heating up our Instagram feeds by showing off their stylish suits and bangin’ bods. Below, a roundup of the best celebrity bikini (and one-piece) pictures posted … Read more

Doctors Can Ramp Up Revenue Cycle Management Without Cutting Corners

Doctors Can Ramp Up Revenue Cycle Management Without Cutting Corners If your practice is thinking about offering patients ‘insurance-only’ payment options in order to creatively boost revenue collection, think again: new reports show that providers who use this kind of approach to revenue cycles are getting targeted by federal and state governments. Basically, many providers … Read more

How Can ICD-10 Cost You Your Bottom Line?

How Can ICD-10 Cost You Your Bottom Line? Looking at a calendar that’s only 12 months long, it would seem that providers have plenty of time to get ready for the mammoth transition into ICD-10 diagnostic codes slated for October of 2014. However, doctor leaders who understand what it takes to administrate a busy practice, … Read more

Health Care Billing Issues: Sudden and Expensive

Health Care Billing Issues: Sudden and Expensive Insurance is designed for sudden expensive exposure that most of us cannot afford. If you look at those words again: sudden and expensive. It does not spell out the predictable and affordable. For years though, we had someone with the bigger purse paying the bills. Most of us … Read more

A Homeowner’s Guide: Insurance Scores Explained

A Homeowner’s Guide: Insurance Scores Explained Do you understand insurance scores and its relevance on your policy’s premium? Here’s the classic illustrative example: Barbara and Gail are neighbors, living just houses away from each other.. Barbara lives on the corner property on Farms Road, while Gail lives smack in the center of Farms Road. Both … Read more