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Are You a Tenant? Do You Have Renters Insurance?

Are You a Tenant? Do You Have Renters Insurance?

If you are like one of every three tenants across the entire US of A who does not own renters insurance, chances are that you are setting yourself up for disaster.

Coverage for those who rent homes, apartment units, condos, etc., gives you protection against the potential of liability exposure.
What damages and losses could a tenant like you experience, you ask.
In the event of insurance perils such as flood, fire, theft or acts of vandalism, you stand to lose a lot.
Don’t be fooled by the common fallacy that those who rent do not need a tailored insurance policy. While your landlord is probably covered by the homeowner policy he took out for the property you live in, that plan only covers the home’s structure. It does not cover the home’s contents. And since you live in the home, the contents belonging to you are at risk on a continual basis.
Ask yourself: if a fire, storm or home burglary would cause personal devastation, would you be able to pay for replacing it all? Think about the possible ramifications of accidents, natural disasters and theft. You could be faced with replacing your clothing, furnishings, computer, jewelry, entertainment center, sporting equipment – everything you own. You may also be liable for a for a visitor’s injury. Unthinkable and unnerving as it is, it is possible that you may be liable for someone’s death due to common maintenance negligence or extenuating conditions of a fire and the like.
Though you might think that buying a renters insurance policy is an expensive venture, it couldn’t be further from the truth. You can actually get a low quote. Visit an experienced independent agency that does direct business with many leading insurance companies to explain all aspects of indemnification. Besides the many shielding benefits, you’ll discover that the cost of owning a tailored plan happens to be relatively cheap. In fact, oftentimes, it’s less expensive than buying a daily cup of coffee for an entire year.

It may be comforting to forget about the risks, but they do exist; and what you imagine as hypothetical really does occur!
Upon careful analysis, you will agree that purchasing a renters insurance policy is a lot cheaper than the potential of loss and damages. Additionally, the peace of mind that a comprehensive policy provides is inherently valuable – a commodity that is in fact priceless.
Visit PRIME Insurance Agency online at, email them at or call them directly at 732-886-5751. You will discover an extraordinary passion for the policies that they sell, a drive to make customers into informed consumers and a keen interest in assisting clients acquiring customized protection at competitively lowest quotes!
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