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3 Top Ways to Save on Insurance When Travelling

3 Top Ways to Save on Insurance When Travelling

The 21st century has seen great advancements. Modern technology has not only provided us with faster, safer, and more comfortable ways to travel, the same advancements have brought about a revolution that has also significantly brought down the cost of travel itself, and no longer is the option to explore the world only available to the wealthy. However, even with these lowered costs, travel is still firmly under the definition of luxury for most people. Fortunately, there are various ways to keep down costs, including the opportunity to save on insurance, ensuring that your dream trip is within your reach.
Although previously a topic of much contention, travel insurance has proven its worth in the modern day. Much like life, travel can be both exciting and unpredictable, and enjoyment of it is predicated upon preparedness for both the expected and the unexpected. Indisputably, a good policy can protect you – not only against possible financial loss in case of cancellation or early termination, but also to reimburse you for lost property or costs incurred due to illness or accidents during your trip. That is not to say, however, that you can’t take the opportunity to save on insurance whenever you can. Getting the best policy means getting the right kind, not necessarily the most expensive. Listed below are three questions that can help you save on insurance for your trip.

Are you travelling alone or in a group?
If you are travelling with your family or in a group you can reduce the costs by purchasing a group or family plan. Purchasing a group or family plan means you get a rate significantly lower than the total cost of several individual plans. Having all members of your party under the same policy also saves you time and effort with regards to paperwork and red tape.
Are you only planning one trip?
If this is your only trip for the year, single trip cover is definitely the way to go. However, if your destination is a favourite holiday spot and you are planning several trips within the course of a year, an annual travel policy a simple way to save on insurance. As with family cover, an annual policy means a significant discount compared to what you would end up paying for several trips. And, as a seasoned traveller, you are in a better position to know exactly what cover you need and can customise your plan to suit your needs, discarding unnecessary aspects and lowering your costs.
When are you leaving?
Just as with any other policy, the coverage period depends on when you purchase it. On the surface, you may believe that purchasing your policy just before your trip means you will pay less, but, in the big scheme of things, the opposite is actually true. Purchasing plane tickets months ahead of schedule can mean a significant discount on an airfare, but a thousand things can change or go wrong before your departure date arrives. This is also true for any hotel or event reservations you make-many of which require a down payment or full payment in advance. Acquiring cover as soon as you purchase your tickets or make your reservations is actually the best way to ensure you’re covered against financial loss before as well as after your trip.
Patrick Chong is the Managing Director of Insuremore. We provide the opportunity for you to save on insurance and offer a range of policies including single-trip, multi-trip and family insurance. For all your travel cover needs, Insuremore can help you in the quickest and most cost-efficient way.
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